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Cosmic Heart Space gives support for those journeying through this new wave of awakening.
Here you will find services and resources to integrate with your divine source essence. 
Angelic healing, light language, and crystals.

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Hi Georgia. I  want to again thank you so much for your course and guidance. I absolutely loved the light language and have connected to whales more deeply on an emotional level.


Galatic Whale Course @starseedYou 

Divine Crystalline Template

“I came to Georgia as I felt she could help with key codes for light language. Her light language art resonated strongly with me. I had been suffering from numbness in my feet for a couple of months but did not know why. Georgia confirmed that my grounding was not catching. It was a beautiful, beautiful session that involved guided meditation, breathwork, sound healing and light language. When my soul song came out and I started singing I cried. There was so much emotion. It felt like I was singing a song from times long passed. I saw my yellow dragon and angelic aspects come in to assist. It felt wonderful to spread my wings. My soul song artwork was wonderful! I could not stop looking at it. A beautiful, serene session by a beautiful soul” Blessings and peace

Meditaition Session 

Thank you for your time today. 


The meditation was absolutely wonderful, connecting me back to my true authentic self. 


I still feel the energy, I am still moving 


Thank you for the recording and have a lovely evening.


Lots of love Marie ️

soical media @cosmicheartspace