Light code is a name for many different forms of information from Source or higher dimensional beings. This can be delivered through dance, voice, artwork, nature and many different ways it chooses to be expressed.


Your Soul Song painting will be created to reflect your energetic field. Codes will be in writing and mixed medium art. The codes we bring through usually hold the tone/frequency in which you resonate. 

Each and every person has come through with a soul song, the purest vibrational sound in which is felt and heard at a core level. 

Having a coded art made like this will help to bring that connection back to the person it is for. It brings a great remembrance of who you are on a soul level. You will also feel a deeper connection to your Ascended family of light/love.

You will also receive a PDF manual with how to use the code for water Exlixer ritual and crystal charging.

 In addition, you can receive a meditation with soul song remembrance. It is advised to listen to it while gazing into your own soul song. This unlocks your remembrance, opening up your divine channels. 

soul song £55

soul song & meditation £77

Dragon/ oceanic paintings are also available,

please contact for a quote 

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