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Are you receiving Light codes?

Life can seem a mystery, some believe we are placed here on earth by a creator, as we are the embodiment of their image. Some feel like there is no reason or rhyme for our being on this earth. There are many different beliefs and paradigms we could discuss and try to unravel the meaning behind it all. I'm going to tell you a little about the Paradigm I am living in. How you choice to perceive it, is completely your choice!

If you've heard of ascension, you may have also heard of Light Language. Ascension is this notion that the planet, mother earth is moving into higher dimensional frequencies, and for us to go through this ascension with her, we must also allow ourselves to move into the same dimensional frequencies as her. As this has been happening for many of us, this has also, in turn, allowed us to become aware and connected to other higher multidimensional lives. These higher dimensional beings, which are aspects of us, become more of a part of who we are now in this life. This is where Light Language comes in, it can be in forms of voices, singing. toning, writing, dance, hand movements and many more expressions. Hearings, seeing, feeling the light language enables us to receive information for our light bodies to raise its frequencies. We on earth may call this having healing, but really this is just a matter of the energy and physical bodies clearing blockages and allowing the energy to raise up and activate the healing abilities within. It really is something for everybody and we can all tap into other lives, it's a matter of allowing the ego-mind to rest and letting your higher self be heard.

Light Language which is the code of source energy, our light families, angels or various other Multidimensional beings (I perceive God (source) as energy that is everything and everyone) can really be taken in from anything, sometimes we see them in the clouds, the way the sun or the moon is beaming down. Light codes can be taken in from mother earth when we walk bear foot on her grass, sand, lakes, rivers, and so on.

I have been asked fairly often about how I came upon light language and also how they can activate this within themselves. Firstly, this really was a series of events for me, I mainly meditated with a note pad, writing down anything I felt drawn to write (embodying my higher self) and voicing tones during meditation. I have come across many people on my path who have also spoken it, and I believe their energies have also helped to raise my own frequencies, I've received light codes from them, which has awakened me to my other lives, enabling me to tap into them. Some things I can look back on and realise Light Language was there all along, my ego was just rationalising what was happening. The main thing is to stay in the heart and feel and sense from this place.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can tap into your multidimensional self and your hearts resonance:

  • Meditate regularly, quiet space, cleansing the room and having crystals around you. I always love making a crystal grid to set an intention for that meditation. I also have a singing bowl, which I find helps raise the vibration of crystals, the room and of course your own energy.

  • Always have a writing pad, or drawing pad next to me when in meditation. Once I've ended my meditation I would write down in English, draw and I also begin developing the light language codes. When in a meditative state, you are able to allow your higher self to take over the pen and paper, just let it flow naturally, with whatever comes.

  • In meditation, if you have the sensations to let something out of your voice or body movement, then go for it. It may sound like rubbish, odd, weird or like it's not coming from you, but just go with it! As long as you set the intentions for a safe space and that you are grounded, all is well.

  • Allow the love and joyous feelings into your life. If you are coming from a fear-based way of thinking, then you will be fearful of what you are experiencing and most likely, you will stop yourself from receiving anything of a higher dimension. Fear is a lower frequency, which is something that comes from ego, not higher self.

  • If you feel the calling to understand and experience light language, then the chances are your higher self is guiding you towards this. Go with the flow, find photos, painting, Facebook groups, events in your area that allow you to receive these energies.

  • Working on your energy field is really important for good health in all aspects of your life. I have a daily practice of Yoga or Qi Gong. Sometimes I do both, or one or the other, find what feels right for you. There are so many different ways you can protect your energy and keep it healthy. These are really just my two favourites. some others are Tai Chi, EFT, NLP, Martial Arts, crystal, dancing or Orgone healing.

  • Of course, you can also find someone that provides healing treatments with light coding. This is something I strongly recommend you go on intuition. Speak with that person on the phone, check out their website and sit with the feeling, 'are they for my highest good'. Your friend may have gone with them, they may be super cheap, you may see they have 1,000's of Facebook followers, but it's got to be a feeling from within you, that tells you they are the person that you RESONATE WITH!! I say this so boldly because I have been attached to watching someones youtube video for ages, thinking they are so great, but that took my own power away. I've also gone to healers because they were cheaper than most. I would now rather save my pennies until I can afford the right person, and I avoid getting hooked on a social media personality, because I have all the power within, as does everybody!

I hope this has given some curious minds something to think about and the opportunity to explore the beauty of your own soul! If you still have questions, please do feel free to message me, I am more than happy to chat about this subject in more detail.

sending you all infinite love and joy, thank you for reading,



Cosmic Heart Space


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