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Soul Song Session

Art Healing

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 155 British pounds

Service Description

During a session with the collective comes many harmonic frequencies, this is commonly known as light language, or the language of light. Through the magnetic field of the heart, the source resonances are transmitted to heal, awaken and shift through many dimensional layers and energy fields. Through this communication portal, the language of light can also be demonstrated using hand movements, written light codes and pure being in the presence of the open heart portal.  You will quickly be reminded of your multidimensional self as you hear the sound resonance of the cosmic heart collective. Each harmonic frequency penetrates your being and awakens the energetic DNA and brings back fragmented soul parts. Coming back to wholeness, liberates you into a state of love and joy. From this place, you can sing the song of your soul. If you are having a soul song painting, this is a beautiful way to remind yourself, through the use of visualisation and sacred ritual practices with your unique painting. You can now request digital art.

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